CHM 110 Week 1 Exercises

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CHM 110 Week 1 Exercises

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CHM 110 Week 1 Exercises

Complete the Week 1 Exercises.

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Week 1 Exercises

Prepare written answers to the following exercises:
Write the conversion factors for each. Show your work.

Cups to cubic feet

Inches to kilometer
Ounces to kilograms
A diesel-powered vehicle holds 105 liters of fuel and has a range of 780 kilometers. What is its fuel efficiency expressed in miles per gallon?
A 25 g gold nugget with an initial temperature of 60 °C is dropped into an insulated cup containing 100 ml of water initially at a temperature of 5°C. What is the final temperature after thermal equilibrium is established? Refer to Table 3.4 of the text for information on specific heats of these substances.
 CHM 110 Week 1 Exercises
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