CHM 110 Week 5 Exercises

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CHM 110 Week 5 Exercises

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CHM 110 Week 5 Exercises

Complete˙the˙Week 5 Exercises.

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Week 5 Exercises

Prepare˙written answers to the following exercises:

A bone fragment from a cave was known to be used by Neanderthals and is known to be 36,000 years old. What would be the expected ratio of 14C in this bone fragment to the 14C found in living organisms?

Write the balanced reactions for the combustion of the following:


Ethyne (acetylene)


2-propanol (rubbing alcohol)

Complete the following addition reactions. Write balanced equations for each.

2-butene with chlorine

Ethene with hydrogen chloride (HCl)

Insulin contains 51 amino acids. How many base-pairs are required to code the amino
CHM 110 Week 5 Exercises
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