CJA 454 Week 1 Adjusting to Terrorism

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CJA 454 Week 1 Adjusting to Terrorism

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CJA 454 Week 1 Adjusting to Terrorism

Write˙a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper on an administrative change you would propose to make in a criminal justice agency in an effort to combat terrorism more effectively.

Describe˙the prior situation, the reasons for the proposed change, and the anticipated positive results or potential negative consequences of the change.

Identify˙the resources the change would require or make available?financial resources, human resources, and training dollars?and the management support the change would need.

Format˙your paper consistent with APA guidelines.˙You must use˙a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources, neither of which can be more than 10 years old that discuss criminal justice in the United States.˙Additional references are highly recommended. If you do not know how to find or cite peer-reviewed sources, please see the information available in the Instructor Announcements section.˙All paper formatting tools such as Riverpoint Writer or reference generators must be removed prior to submission.˙Fonts must be Arial or Times New Roman, 10pt or 12pt.

Submit˙your assignment.

Note.˙You may use your present agency if you are employed in a criminal justice organization, or you may base your response on your understanding of criminal justice agencies through your prior coursework.
CJA 454 Week 1 Adjusting to Terrorism
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