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HCS 490 Week 1 Individual Assignment Changing Landscape of Health Care

Writea 750- to 1050-word reflection detailing the changing landscape of the health care system. Some things to consider are:
Shifts taking place
Current and potential challenges
How health care is handling challenges


HCS 490 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Case Study Comparisons

Faculty will provide each team with a profile of a fictional person.

Researchhealth care costs and coverage options for your assigned individual.

Writea 1,050- to 1,400-word summary of your findings. Prepare to share your findings with the class.


HCS 490 Week 3 Individual Assignment Community Mailer
You work for your local public health department and they have asked you to create a mailer to be sent out to your community describing the state of your health care market.

Researchyour local community.

Createa two-page mailer and include the following:
Cultural demographics of your community
Age breakdown of your community
How the demographics and age affect your local health care market
The major health needs of the community
A comparison of your community to the national health care market
Local wellness programs and their effect on health care costs
Also, apart from your mailer, include recommendations for how you might market to your local community.


HCS 490 Week 4 Learning Team Communication Strategy

You work for a marketing firm and you have been assigned to work with a new health care client. The client needs help with a communication strategy for a new product they are launching soon.

Chooseone of the following initiatives:
Health Spa launching a new weight loss treatment
Insurance company launching new medical product for the exchange
Hospital system launching new diabetes program
Medical device manufacturer launching new metal alloy prosthesis.
Select your own company and product with approval from your instructor
Createa 12- to 18-month communication strategy for your client. You may use a communication strategy template, or you can create your own. In your strategy, include:
What types of communication could be used for different generations.
How you will use an integrated campaign to reach your target audience.
Examples of successful industries and how they leverage transparency, and how you can apply that to your strategy

HCS 490 Week 4 Individual Assignment Health Care Access Options

Researchat least one of each of the following in your community:
One web-based resource
One walk-in clinic
One retail clinic
Writea 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:
Who is their target audience?
How are they marketing to their target audience?
How effective is their marketing approach?
What could be done differently to improve their marketing?


HCS 490 Week 5 Individual Assignment Conversation Starter

Respondto the following in a 350- to 700- word summary:

How might advances in technology and medicine enable consumers to make healthy or unhealthy choices? Provide examples.

HCS 490 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Marketing Strategy

Createa full marketing strategy usingyour chosen company and product from Week 4. You may use a marketing strategy template, or you can create your own. Address the following in your marketing strategy:
What health care access options are available to your target audience? How will that affect how you market to them?
How do consumers share health information? What are the implications of those methods of communication? How can you use these different methods to market your product?
How might government agencies or regulations impact your product? What does your target audience need to know about this and how will you communicate it to them?
How might health care reform affect your product? How will it affect your target audience? How will this affect how you market to them?
How are your audience's options for health care changing? How does this affect how you will offer your product to them?
How will you engage your target audience? How will you ensure relevancy to them? Why are these factors important for your marketing strategy?
Createa presentation and deliver it as you would to your client. You may decide on the delivery style and presentation. You must submit your completed marketing strategy document to your instructor with your presentation.

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